Fridge & Aircon repairs Pretoria

Fridge & Aircon repairs Pretoria


Fridge repairs and regas Pretoria - Centurion

Fridge & aircon repairs Pretoria

Fridge & aircon repairs Pretoria

Nearest air conditioning, refrigeration and appliance service experts which gets the job done. Top up your gas for R450. No call out fees, contact: 0837581987

Get a Fridge repairs and regas exparts in Pretoria & CenturionAircon and appliance repair. Fast and affordable nearest local refrigerator - air conditioning Service exprts. We help service and re-gas any type, make and model of domestic and commercial appliances at your home, office or company.

No need to worry about how much it costs, we have affordable solution for you. Call us now! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays.

Contact local nearest fridge and aircon repair Service experts in Pretoria and Centurion.  Will to help you save more, by providing a good service at affordable and competitive price.

We deal with all types, commercial and residential refrigerators and air conditioners within Pretoria and nearby areas. Ready to assist in servicing any of the following:

  • Under bar refrigerator
  • Cock refrigerator
  • Beverage coolers
  • Samsung refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Defy refrigerators
  • Fridge masterkic
  • Lg refrigerators and airconditioners
  • Hisence refrigerator, aircons and other appliances.
Aircon repairs Pretoria & Centurion

Aircon repairs Pretoria & Centurion

Air conditioning Pretoria and Centurion

Our aircon repairs - regas Pretoria and Centurion team focusses to provide suitabie heating and cooling solutsons to your home, office and company witch are not harrnful to our planet. Will advice you to get a good energy efficient, environmertaly frendly airconditioners. Since we were established in 2012 we have tatengreat care to mainitain a great reputation in the industry.

Should you require further informmation or  have any questions on how much does it cost please feel free to contact us.

Appliance repairs

Appliance repairs

Appliance service and maintenance

Finally! affordable appliance repairs specialist in Pretoria and Centurion. This has been our favourite industry over the years. It's hard to find a reliable Appliance repair and service company in south africa for their's many scamers out there compared to all reliable business. but if youre reading this right now, you're at a right place.

Our team understands appliances technology better than anyone else, we know better how to take care of all appliance  problems.

Fridge regassing

Fridge regassing

Refrigerator and air conditioning services near me

Will provide you with a nearest possible refrigerator and airconditioning repair - regas technician, closest to your location anywhere in Gauteng. So as to provide fast and affordable service to all our customers. Available 24/7 including public holidays.

Let us help you regas and return your refrigerator to previous good working condition. Top up your gas for R550, job guaranteed. Free call out on all excepted quotes.

We are specialized with all dommestic and Commercial cold rooms - freezer rooms repair service and installation

Available 24 hours evryday

Available 24 hours evryday

Very responsible

Very responsible

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Refrigerator, air conditioner & appliance repair service prices in South africa

Specialists in repairing all types of refrigerators, air conditioners and all other electrical appliances on site. We have affordable refrigeration and airconditioning prices for evryone. Our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Chat to us on Whatsapp to get our latest refrigeration prices, or inquire a free qoute and updates. You can ask any questions you wish to, will respond 1 to 5 minutes. We are here to help you.

Will help with the following:

  • Beverage coolers
  • Bar refrigerator
  • Bottle coolers.
  • Display refrigerator
  • Under bar counter & more

Samsung, LG, Kic, Defy, Hisense, Whirlpool, & More.


Domestic & commercial electrical technicians

Plugs lights, switches &, distribution board installation

New electrical installation, wiring, rewiring and fault finding

stoves oven microwave fryer & geyser installation

Price on quote. free call out. free quotations

Fridge aircon appliance repairs and regas pretoria

Fridge aircon appliance repairs and regas pretoria

A Frequently Asked Question - Can i repair a refrigerator myself?

Can i repair a fridge myself? The answer is it depends. Minor problems like like a broken plug top, dirty condessor coils, broken shelfs and other simple problems.
Things like regassing a fridge is crucial please contact a technician to assist you

How does a thermolstat works?

How does a thermolstat works? Thermostat has a capillary tube filled with gas. As the temperature in the fridge increases, gas expands and pushes a diaphragm which will turn the compressor on to start the cooling process

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